UKPON Statement on Primark Pride Merchandise

UKPON Statement on Primark Pride Merchandise

May 22, 2018 Off By admin

The UK Pride Organisers Network supports and brings together the organisers of more than 140 LGBT+ Pride events around the UK.

After being alerted by some members, the Network was disappointed to see that proceeds from Primark’s range of ‘Pride’ clothing and accessories, launched in time for Pride season, is not being donated to the Pride organisations that organise these events. Instead, it is being given to Stonewall who, whilst they attend some Prides, do not organise the events themselves.

All Pride organisations are voluntary bodies that struggle every year to raise the funds necessary to hold these major public events, most of which are free to attend. In the last week, in one city where Primark will be selling these products, the Pride has announced it is scaling back its event due to a lack of funds. This is a daily reality for most Pride organisers.

Stonewall have been critical of Prides in the past, and this is an insult to those Prides who sell their own merchandise to raise funds for their events. We urge everyone who wants to support their local Pride to do so by purchasing merchandise from them, or from stall holders at the event. And we call on Stonewall to work with us to reallocate the income they receive from this partnership so that it can be used to directly support Pride organisers who are driving the Pride movement for the good of all LGBT+ people across the UK.

Finally, given Primark’s history, we seek reassurances from Primark that the production of these items is not taking place in any country where homosexuality is illegal.

A full map of all UK Pride events can be found on our website at If you wish to make contact and support your local Pride, we are sure that any support would be most welcome.