Sir Ian McKellen Launches New Programme Supporting LGBT People Over Fifty

Sir Ian McKellen Launches New Programme Supporting LGBT People Over Fifty

June 12, 2019 Off By Comms
Post with thanks to The LGBT Foundation.
Reference to We/Our/Us is that of LGBT Foundation.

Last week, our patron and legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen joined us at a very special event to launch our newest programme of work – Pride in Ageing. Pride in Ageing will work to end the inequalities faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people over 50 in Greater Manchester and ensure that they have access to inclusive housing and care later in life. The programme will also tackle the social isolation faced by LGBT people over 50 in the UK, which we know is commonplace and has a significant impact on their health, happiness and wellbeing. It will also celebrate the positive aspects of being an LGBT person in mid-to-later life in our city-region, bringing people together to share their stories and experiences, and building a community of active and empowered LGBT people.

Speaking at the event, Sir Ian McKellen said: 

“No one is born with prejudice, it’s something you learn. 

Growing up, even in Lancashire, what is now Greater Manchester, 70 years ago, it was a total silence. There was no mention of sexuality other than heterosexuality at school, on the radio, in church. Absolute silence. So is it any wonder that people who are older, when things are hazy, they may think back to a time when things were different? 

Waving the banner for full and total equality, and love, is something that has my total support.”

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive LGBT Foundation, says: 

“We’re incredibly grateful to Sir Ian for launching this incredibly important new initiative. We know that LGBT people over 50 are at a much higher risk of isolation and are under-recognised in health and social care services, and may be facing discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that all LGBT people over 50 have the right to an excellent quality of life in later years, and look forward to working to end the many inequalities that LGBT in mid-to-later life face”
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