Formed to bring Pride Organisers together to share knowledge, experience and support each other.

What We Do

2016 Conference Birmingham when the Network was officially formed!

The UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON) formed to bring Pride organisers together to share knowledge and experiences, to support each other, and to encourage a diverse and vibrant Pride movement around the UK.

Founded in 2016, the network is powered by volunteers with an elected Board, inspires an identity of Pride that continues to flourish, and offers resources and advocacy for members.

All Pride organisations are eligible to become members. New Prides are invited to be a part of the network and have the option to register as voting members. Currently there is no membership fee, all you have to do is complete our membership application form each year before the AGM.

UKPON is an Associate Member of the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA) and InterPride, and a member of the LGBT Consortium and ILGA Europe.

Our Objectives

1.Promote and support Pride organisations in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (hereafter referred to as ‘the UK’) and the Republic of Ireland;

2.Members may bid to host at least one annual conference, to facilitate and enable learning and networking opportunities for members;

3.Appoint and assist a pre-existing Pride to host “UK Pride” each year;

4.Promote the initiatives of members at a regional, national and international level;

5.Encourage the UK Pride movement to advocate and support equity, diversity and humanity within and beyond the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.

UK Pride Organisers Network is run by the board, elected from our members, under our constitution.

Important Documents