Map of Europe with countries colour coded in shades of red, amber and green based on their LGBTQ+ human rights record
11th May saw this year's Rainbow Map of Equality across Europe released, and for us here in the UK the news is rather bleak. In 2015 we here in the UK were top of the list at number one, last year we were 14th, and now this year we come in at 17th, a further drop in the list of 3 places in 12 months.


The ILGA Europe Rainbow Map is based on the legislation and human rights of each country, and for us here in the UK it is now very clear: our LGBTQ+ rights have stalled, we have stagnated and not progressed any further, whilst other countries have improved around us.

The big issues we have in the UK are around our trans rights, especially around the GRA, which is very clear after the UK government blocked the GRA in Scotland. We have no ban on conversion therapy, and as a country we have no real equality plan in action to help improve the rights of the LGB population, our trans community and those that identify as inter-sex. The UK government is failing us as a community, not only by doing nothing for us or improving the laws of protection, but also currently weaponising trans rights across the UK for their own political gains. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

We as the UK Pride Organisers Network need to come together, each and every member need to bring this issue to the forefront of our own communities, and we need to act. We need to send a clear message to the UK government that we will not tolerate any further standing still and doing nothing!

For more information and further breakdown, take a look at the ILGA Europe website.

Remember for all of us, that Pride is political and Pride will always remain political until we reach 100% equality!