Membership is FREE and open to all LGBT+ Pride events in the UK!

Founded in 2016, the Network is powered by volunteers with an elected board, inspires an identity of Pride that continues to flourish, and offers resources and advocacy for members.

The great news is membership of UKPON is free and open to any Pride organisation in the UK. All you have to do is complete our membership form.

NB: In order to keep records up to date, membership is renewable annually before the AGM conference.

Doncaster Conference 2019

UKPON Membership Offer - Depending on the membership type you select, you can look forward to:

  • Access to the UKPON website and the UKPON Pride Organisers Toolkit
  • Access to UKPON’s Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to a members' newsletter and option to supply items for inclusion in it
  • Ability to attend conference/AGM and full voting rights (depending on membership type)
  • Advice on media/social media protocols etc.
  • Ability (under license) to bid for UKPON Conference Host
  • Ability (under license) to bid for UK Pride. 

Future plans - We have exciting plans for the development of our work with members. We want to give you more than just networking opportunities. Ideas include…

  • A ‘Member of UKPON’ logo for your Pride to use. We believe this will help, particularly newer and smaller Prides, to demonstrate to your partners and sponsors that you are part of a strong UK-wide network of organisers
  • Access to any group savings or discounts negotiated for members
  • Access to regular online networking meetings hosted by Board members
  • Development of an ‘expertise’ database so we can put you in touch with a UK Pride who may have just the help/advice you’re after.